Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection is one of the most challenging issues you face, and improving fire and life safety monitoring and management while reducing costs requires new ways of
working. We understand the challenges and legal requirements you face, as well as your need to speed response times, mitigate risk and deliver performance

We provide options for integration based on your needs and goals. Your fire and life safety solutions can remain standalone applications, or they can be integrated
with your other building management systems — including security, HVAC and access systems — into a single, scalable platform, providing better monitoring and control
of your facility, while protecting your investments and helping reduce costs.


  • Pinpoint location of fire
  • Early detection. Reduced damage to life and property
  • Flexible wiring topology
  • Better false alarm management
  • Increased flexibility & reliability
  • More effective maintenance
  • Remote control with graphic maps For intelligent, integrated fire and life safety solutions that can make your building safer and more secure, contact us today.​
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