Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Using the wrong extinguisher on a fire can be very dangerous. And often, there isn’t enough time to decide which extinguisher to use. In such cases, the consequences often prove fatal.

ABC POWDER BASED FIRE EXTINGUISHERS : ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are effective against all classes of fires i.e Class A, Class B, Class C and Electrically started fires. They take the guesswork and confusion out of choosing an extinguisher and save valuable time in the face of the fatally dangerous enemy called fire.
CO2 BASED FIRE EXTINGUISHERS : CO2 Fire Extinguishers range is most effective against Class B and C Fires. CO2 being a clean agent, these extinguishers are ideal for fire safety of Server Rooms, Labs, IT Rooms, Food Storage & processing areas, etc.

WATER BASED FIRE EXTINGUISHERS​ : Water fire extinguisher, harness the power of water, the most efficient fire fighting solution known to man. With its massive cooling power of 2.6 MW per litre per second, water kills even the largest of fires in minutes. Water fire extinguishers are suitable for Class A fire. These fire extinguishers are effective against fires in solid objects such as wood where the fire remains deep & hidden within the objects and re-ignites with the increase in temperature.

FOAM BASED FIRE EXTINGUISHERS​ : Foam Fire Extinguishers are useful for Class \'A\' & Class \'B\' fires involving flammable liquids such as Paints, Solvents and fats like Grease and Oils. These Foam Extinguishers kill fire by cutting off the supply of atmospheric oxygen into the burning surface and thus cooling down it.

HOME AND CAR FIRE EXTINGUISHERS : Designed to match the aesthetic look of one’s home and car, this range of extinguishers is suitable to fight all classes of fires
CARTRIDGE TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS : A range of advanced, portable spot-pressure fire extinguishers that kick into action when you need them, where you need them.Unlike the complex activation of old, the revolutionary Cartridge is instantly ready. What’s more, the cartridge is never under pressure. The required pressure is created on the spot at the time of firefighting , making it one of the safest, surest, most reliable products to have on your side.

Available in 3 variants - ABC Powder Based Cartridge, Water based Cartridge, Foam Based Cartridge.

PLUS SIZE STORED PRESSURE FIRE EXTINGUISHER : A one of a kind trolley mounted plus-size stored pressure powder, water and foam extinguisher which ensures that you never have to gamble on help arriving on time in case of an fire emergency. A plus size extinguisher, highly mobile and quick to activate, the Plus is a mini fire engine on wheels that can protect the entire premises. It is suitable for fighting A,B,C and electric fires. Size Variants - 25/50/75 Kg

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